Monday, November 28, 2005

He's Baaaack!!

I do apologize for my lack of posting, but it seems the planets have aligned to prevent me from getting to update as often as I would like.

First blockade - I got a new job and with the new job came a severe drop in bandwidth. Gone are the good ole days of having 3 browsers open at the same time. It now takes about a minute even for the Meetin site to load.

Second blockade- My laptop was out of the picture for nearly a month. It started with the backlight only staying on anywhere frm 5 to 20 seconds until I finally gave in and got it fixed. First I brought it to Compusa. I must have been suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain for even considering that option. After they had it a week and hadn't "been able to get to it" I fought to get my maintenance fee back and researched other options. I found a place in the city and they told me I needed a new screen. $550 later I had my internet back. Yay for me!

Third blockade - This was a double whammy. First off, it was nearing Turkey Day and also the departure of a good friend back to the land down under. Also, I decided to get very sick. This whole past week was a waste. Last night was the first night I actually felt good in a bit. Of course I lose my whole long weekend, but what can you do?

I hope everyone had a good Turkey Day...even if they had to go to Palm Springs(you know who you are!)