Sunday, January 29, 2006

What Do You Mean No Football?

For the first time in 19 weeks I woke up without having football on the agenda. What's a boy to do? After being conditioned to get up and get to Joes by noon every week, I needed to find something other way to occupy my noontime Sunday.

Fortunately, while I was having dinner before our free happy hour on Friday night, I saw that Duffy's was bringing back their Sunday brunch buffet. During the season they don't have brunch due to the big football crowd. I guess there isn't much call for Eggs Florentine while you are watching the Bears get the hopes of Chicago up all season only to falter in the playoffs. I was more than happy to spend my Sunday getting reacquainted with some friends, food and mimosas.

After brunch, we knew that we ate way too much and needed to do some walking before heading home. A few of us headed to Performance to see what they had on sale. Yours truly is in the market for a road bike since the thought of doing the MS Ride on my current set of wheels doesn't really appeal to me. I'm just waiting until Kozy has their big sale in April, but it never hurts to look.

The rest of my weekend involved a lot of doing nothing and just relaxing. I did partake in the free beer on Friday night, but aside from watching Four Rooms on Saturday night, I hardly moved from the couch.

Tomorrow I will be on the lookout for a bucket big enough for a turkey. We need something big enough to soak a turkey in some sea salt and water before our Superbowl party next week. I tried Walgreens tonight and came up empty, so tomorrow Jewel and Bath Bad & Beyond are next on the list. If I can't watch the Pats in the game, at least I can enjoy some turkey and Miller Lite.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here We Go Again

I feel like I'm in a time warp. It seems that I find myself once again working for a place that has decided to put itself up for sale. When last we left the story, the mighty RCC was on the market and I jumped ship to my new workplace digs. I just came from a meeting letting us know that we are currently being shopped. The ironic part is that my old place has been taken off the market. It could be the unsaleable state of the marble or just the high cost of listing a property month after month. My good friend M got a good laugh about my situation.

At least the asking price is a bit lower than the $300M the last place was looking for. If you've got a spare $80M, let me know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So Long Nice Guy Eddie

I just heard the news. The veteran of Reservoir Dogs and Footloose has passed away. Hopefully Joe Cabot can keep it together in these hard times.

The Doctor Is In(Finally)

My wishes have finally come true and I found out that they are releasing Dr. Katz on DVD. It doesn't release until May 9th, but I'm just glad it's official. If you haven't seen it before, good luck finding it on TV. The closest I've found is Home Movies on Adult Swim. Both of these shows were produced in squigglevision and feature some of the same voices.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A 5 Day Work Week??

This was one Monday I really could have used a holiday. I came to the realization that short weeks will be few and far between for awhile. With Christmas, New Years and MLK Day all bunched together, it seemed like every week had an extra day off. The countdown is now on for Memorial Day(Although I'll be taking St. Patty's Day off)

I was still tired from the weekend this morning when the evil alarm clock made it's presence known. Friday wasn't so much busy as just tiring. There was a free beer happy hour at Bar Chicago that I felt the need to attend. I was standing outside my building waiting for the light to change with the wind and freezing rain whipping around thinking that I was crazy for even thinking about going out in that mess. I made it back to my place a few minutes before my guest arrived and we enjoyed some hot chocolate and a movie before passing out from a rough week of work.

Saturday we needed to take it east in preparation for the evening's pub crawl. A few of our friends have birthday's coming up and a pub crawl through Wrigleyville only seemed appropriate. I grabbed some food with Cliff at Sports Corner where the server was good enough to forget to charge me for my food. I'd like to thank whoever that was for the free meal.

Part of the rules for the pub crawl required wearing either a hat, wig or other type of bling. I decided to break out the pimp stick and Big Daddy jewelry. I was hard to miss with a stick that had a big plastic diamond on top of it and a dollar sign hanging from a chain around my neck. The crawl started at Murphy's Bleachers and ended at Slugger's. By the time we left, Jen had only one thing on her mind....tacos. We set out on a quest to get some tacos. Unfortunately, we were north of Addison and heading north. We had planned on going to a taco place on Addison, but came to figure out our mistake much too late. It became clear that we weren't getting tacos and had to settle for eggs. We grabbed some breakfast to go at Melrose Diner and proceeded to pass out until noon.

I spent most on Sunday recovering and witnessing a miracle on TV. Apparently it is possible for the Steelers to win an AFC title game. They just needed to not play the Patriots and not play the game in Pittsburgh. Just another reason to watch the game away from Joes and the polka band.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Help A Brother Out

I was just informed that if I raise another $100 for my MS Ride before the 25th of this month, I can get a cool MS Society pin. I've got 5 days to reach my short term goal of $250. Spread the word and get me that pin!

What can I say? I like shiny things.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Coors

Last night I went to a beer sampling at the Globe with some friends. We were a little concerned with the first selection as it was a beverage that is better suited for gag gifts. It turns out that we were subjected to Golden's finest to make us better appreciate the real beers we would ingest the rest of the evening. To be honest, I don't remember most of the beers we sampled. It had nothing to do with the offerings, but with the conversation at the table. A good part of the evening was spent teasing the Good Lady Liz about her lack of age.

Some of the things we brought up that flew over our heroines head included video games(Atari 2600, Moon Patrol & Dig Dug), television(Three's Company & Good Times). It was all in good fun. She is truly a lovely lass and can take a good ribbing.

Tonight my head will be spinning as I need to make an appearance at a work party at Chestnut Grill & Wine Bar before heading to Hi-Tops for a mini film-fest being put on by the good folks at Meetin Chicago. We will be viewing Office Space and playing the drinking game that is associated with it. That will be followed by the classic Fast Times featuring the recently deceased Mr. Vargas. It seems that maybe the switch to Sanka wasn't as good for him as he thought.

Now if we can just find a drinking game revolving around the actions of one Jeff Spicoli...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So much for the 3-peat

As Jerry Jones once said, "There's a reason why nobody's ever won 3 of those in a row."

My beloved Patriots quest for 3 straight Superbowls ended on Saturday when the evil Broncos pushed them around for the 2nd time this year. I had contemplated heading to Denver to go to the game. Fortunately, airfare was too high to make it happen. K was all set to change her ski weekend to Breckenridge to go to the game. Since I was in town, we decided to head to Joes to catch the game and stick around for Hairbangers Ball afterwards. The place was packed due to the NFL playoffs and Hairbangers people getting there quite early. We were exiled to the back since the front of the bar was reserved for some private party much to our dismay. The game was fun to watch if you ignore the two drunken guys who thought they were both Gunnar Nelson. They were complete with blonde wigs and magic marker tatoos. Their singing seemed to coincide with the Pats losing the lead and eventually the game. Come to think of it, I don't blame the team, but rather the Nelson brothers.

Now to focus on the draft. I can only hope we get our pick in on time(unlike other purple teams)

Back To Denver

Well my good friend K has headed back to the mountains for another semester at DU. I was bummed when she moved away, but got the chance to visit her(and see the Patriots play.)

I got to use her visit as an excuse to go catch Too White Crew. They are a old school hip-hop cover band that don't stoop to using drum machines or any other cheating equipment. They had a new setlist and no longer play Candyman much to the dismay of my good friend A, but a good time was had my all of us. It seems Ms K had a little too much of a good time and got to see all the vodka gimlets again while on a flight to DC. See for yourself the effect on one's eye when yakking at 30,000 feet.

In the future, I'll try to do all of my vomiting on the ground. I don't know if Jen wants to be face to face with a red-eyed Bosco.