Wednesday, February 22, 2006

1980, It's Not

Well, look what happens when we try to have a Winter Olympics without Herb Brooks
Team USA saw any chance at a medal go up in smoke at the hands of Finland today.
Some differences between the two

Amateur players
Beat the Russian team
Herb Brooks alive and well
"Do you believe in miracles"

Professional players
Lost to the Russian team
Herb Brooks not so much alive as dead
"It's not wasy to ski drunk"

At least we had the Curl Girls

Monday, February 20, 2006

Connecticut By the Numbers

0 Ex and current girlfriends drunkenly dialed in the middle of the night
0 Goals scored by the Canadian Men's team while I was gone
0 Times we had to endure listening to Laffy Taffy
1 Shuttle drivers that may have been connected to the Mafia
1 Weddings attended
1 Massachusetts residents used as an ashtray during the ride back from the casino
1 Yankee hats filled with butter
1 Road trippers missing when we woke up on Sunday morning
1 Bitchy bartenders working at the Shelton Courtyard
1 Flat tires
1 Bars that Andy was kicked out of only to return 10 minutes later
2 Ipods brought
2 Hours of sleep between 5AM on Thursday until 3AM on Saturday
2 Offers of sexual favors in exchange for Oprah tickets
3 Number of women the blushing bride pointed out and said "I'd fuck her"
4 Strangers the new bride told she would kill
4 Casino employees harassed on the way out
10 Years since we had all seen each other
14 States driven through
25 Times we made fun of Andy for being short
35 Percentage of Eric's suit covered in candle wax by the end of the reception
300 Derogatory comments about Connecticuts' blue laws
1773 Miles driven

Friday, February 17, 2006

Now That's What I Call A Road Trip

Greetings from Connecticut! This was a strange trip not because I find myself back on the east coast, but because it didn't involve a trip to either Midway or O'Hare. My good friend A is getting hitched tonight and a reunion of a few Navy guys took place to get us here.

After work last night, T took the Metra down here and we grabbed a Lincoln Towncar from Avis and headed to South Bend to grab our first passenger. From them we headed to a small town outside Cleveland to grab our buddy S and continued on to the Shelton Courtyard by Marriott. Needless to say, we are all a bit punchy and about to head over for the ceremony. Hopefully yours truly can stay awake.

Get me some Red Bull now!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is This Fort Collins?

I headed over to my neighborhood bar tonight to have a couple beverages with some friends and checked to see what they had for specials tonight. Usually the typical special involves Miller Lite or that pathetic excuse for a beer, Coors. Much to my surprise tonight, they had Fat Tire available. This beer has always come highly recommended from my good friend A as well as a former Denverite M, who currently resides in our nation's capital. It seems that tonight was the first night that it is available in our fair city. Huzzah for Bosco to be out and about on such a special night. The three 22 oz. bottles even made me tolerate the freezing rain hitting me in the face on my walk home. Now it's time to pack for a road trip to Shelton, CT to watch one of my good Navy friends take the plunge into matrimony. Hopefully he can make it past the 2 week mark. If he does, he beats me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An Open Letter To RCN

You've got some nerve. I woke up on Saturday morning with the intention of being a good citizen and watch some Olympic hockey. What do I get for my efforts to arise early on a day when I'm not required to slave for the Man?


That's what I get for my troubles. Now I understand that there is a market for a belt you can wear around your waist to melt away the fat, but by the time you(RCN) put C-NBC back on, the Canadian women were already clinging to a 12-0 3rd period lead against the scrappy Team Italy. I thought perhaps this was a fluke, but I confirmed with my good friend E that this was also the case on Sunday at her abode. Luckily, I found myself in a Comcast house on Sunday morning to watch Team Canada take it to the Russian team.

I guess this means that someone with a new and improved Ginsu or even a pocket fisherman takes predence over broadcasting snowboarding or skiing. Upon further review, I can't seem to find any notation about CNBC not being broadcast constantly on the channel guide. Oh well. I guess it's time to give Comcast or DirectTV a call.

Now to go watch some curling!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flower Attack

I'm probably one of the few people that looked at their window to see a 15 foot flower this morning. Yep, I just wanted to verify that I didn't need an umbrella and there it was. It seems Lexus is doing some sort of weirdo promotion that involved people on stilts, loud music at 7AM and this ridiculous flower.

Monday, February 06, 2006

At Least the Food Was Good

So last night was the Superbowl. I don't know if it was because the Patriots weren't in the game, but it was one of the worst I can remember. I don't know if the play of the quarterbacks was worse than the officiating. It's a sad day when the best quarterback on the field was a wide receiver.

Usually when the game isn't up to the hype, at least the commericals are relatively entertaining. Came up snake eyes on that one this year. I understand that we won't get a Macintosh 1984 or Larry and Michael playing HORSE, but there really wasn't anything that stuck in my head as memorable. I was happy to see Kathy Griffin get work, but it was no Mean Joe Coke commercial.

We decided to bribe people to Jen's with the promise of turkey and beer. I figured that if we cooked, they would come. Of course, they all came with food and drink of their own. Everything was great from the turkey to the buffalo shrimp all the way from Waukegan. I had planned on 2 cases of Miller Lite, but at the last minute grabbed a 3rd in case we needed it. With all the other beer that people brought, we had more than plenty. Everyone had a great time and left with stomachs full of food and beer, so our job was done.

Now I can rest easy for about a month until the NCAA Tournament. Go Eagles!!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You've Been a Fan For How Many Hours?

With the upcoming Superbowl I've noticed an abundance of newly anointed Steelers and Seahawks fans. It always makes me laugh whenever a championship in some sport rolls along and the bandwagon seems to fill up rather quickly.

It happened out here in October when those who shall not be named won the lowest rated World Series ever. Maybe it's me, but watching your team win something feels a lot better when you've gone through the lows in order to appreciate the highs. I saw someone yesterday in a brand spanking new Hines Ward jersey. A couple of us mentioned that it looked nice and shiny and will be good to have on Sunday. Upon further review, we decided he probably couldn't name their last Superbowl quarterback even if you spotted him the Kordell and the Crybaby.

In a way I'm glad the Pats lost. The bandwagon was getting really full and it's nice to have some breathing room. Funny how you didn't seen too many people wearing our stuff when Rod Rust was our coach.

Even I try to blank out those years. Zeke Mowatt anybody??