Monday, May 29, 2006

Lovely Day to Bike the Drive

If it's the Sunday before Memorial Day, get those cars off of Lake Shore. It's time to Bike the Drive!

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 4:40 in the morning to start getting ready and head up to meet the rest of Team mopundow for some carfree highway riding. After debating with the alarm clock and finally getting out the door, we arrived at Buckingham Fountain around 5:40 and headed out. Our plan was to do the ciruit twice if time would permit. We came close, but realized that the clock was a formidable opponent. When all was said and done, I clocked just under 60 miles which included the ride from Lakeview and back.

After we finished riding, we needed some food and I had an empty apartment at 777 to stash bikes that was also quite cool due to my cranking up the AC in anticipation of the heat. Jen and I threw our bikes in there and then took some time to enjoy the coolness before heading off to Tempo for some omelette action. It seems we weren't the only ones with that plan as the line was visible a full block away. We made a command decision and traded eggs for burgers at Johnny Rockets. Yours truly also needed a milkshake to reward himself for his riding efforts.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just trying to keep cool when the lightbulb went off in my head...I have central air at my new place. I'm far from being unpacked, but I have a couch and a TV. That was all we really required at that point. We headed to The New York and didn't go outside again until we grabbed some food at our new favorite place. We found the perfect night before riding vittles in a pie that is packed with pasta and chicken parm. Jen was barely able to eat half of it.

Now I'm stuck at work as punishment for taking off on Thursday to move in to the new digs. At least nobody is really here and I can listen to my tunes and be in my own little world. I wonder if anyone would notice if I started watching a couple Family Guy episodes on my ipod at my desk.

Only one way to find out...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bike Path Fashion For 2006

It's not a Donna Martin Original, but I know the designer quite well. This is what Team mopundow will be sporting at Bike the Drive and the MS Ride as well as several training rides leading up to it.

Great job to the Good Lady!

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm a website

Thanks to my man in Waukegan for finding this little gem. Looks like I missed the chance to have my very own site.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I can see your house from here

Well maybe not, but I can see lots from my new place. I don't actually move in for another couple weeks, but they were nice enough to give me the keys. Here's a nice shot of Wrigley from my balcony too.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ducks & Lobsters & Parents, Oh My!

It's only Tuesday, but I always have a rough time getting back into the swing of things after being gone for a few days. I made the trek to the homeland this past weekend. Airtran had a sale with ridiculously low prices and I couldn't resist the chance for a cheap trip home.

I managed to weasle out of work early on Thursday and headed to Midway in time to grab one of my favorite burgers in Illinois and a flight to Logan. After landing in Boston and being picked up by the Jen & Pinot limo service, we finally arrived at the hotel and got some much needed rest in anticipation of a busy "vacation."

Friday involved an all day excursion with the 'rents, but we planned activities to keep them busy. After lunch at the Parker House(try the rolls), we headed over to the Museum of Science for a Duck Tour. These tours cover land and water. It is a WWII craft that takes you around the city and then makes its way into the Charles River for a nice little cruise. I'm from Boston and had never taken one before. It's more a tourist thing and you need someone that is not a local to use as an excuse. Thanks to Jen for providing the way.

Dinner was at Anthony's Pier 4 with a great view of the water. Living in Chicago makes you appreciate good seafood when it is presented. The lobster on the east coast is just so much better than the midwest. Of course, they have the advantage of being next to the ocean. Lobsters don't exactly grow in the lake.

On Saturday I subjected Jen not only to dinner at my parents. It turned out to be pizza from Christo's with a special appearance from The Nana. After pizza and birthday cake, we made our escape to Timber Lanes for some much deserved candlepin. While it's a New England staple, it is pretty hard to find outside the original 6.

Much time was also spent discussing the state of the Boston 9. It was agreed that they were crazy for ever trading away Doug Mirabelli. Of course he was reacquired yesterday and landed 15 minutes before the game. Due to our crack police force and tinted windows, he was able to change in a squad car as he was whisked to Fenway to take part in the return of Judas and his Evil Empire.

Back to the trip...

On sunday we met up with my sister and hung around the city and enjoyed the sun. I enjoyed it to the tune of a rather red back of my neck. We searched out and found the bronze ducks from Make Way For Ducklings and posed with them before heading back to the hotel to catch a shuttle to the airport. A word of warning...If you fly Airtan out of Boston, don't plan on eating before your flight. They put us in an area past security where food options where severely limited. We settle for a frozen yogurt before getting real food when we arrived back in Chicago. Tempo never sounded so good to me.

On another bright note now that I'm back...Apparently the sale of my hotel has fallen through and we can suspend the job search once again.

Huzzah for Lane Hospitality for being tight with the purse strings!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Just one more hail mary??

As expected, Doug Flutie retired from football today. Of course, he first became famous for throwing the Hail Mary against Miami while we were all playing with our Rubik's Cubes.

He didn't play much, but he was one of "ours" It was great that he could finish his career with the Pats.